Cheirinhobom is a brand from Florianópolis that invests in the concept of sharing experiences through the olfactive memory. Florianópolis is know as the “magic island” and is surrounded by the most wonderful beaches. It is one of the most visited cities by foreigners in Brazil.
With all of this in mind, the line “Postais” (which means postcards in portuguese) is a series of eight ambient aromatizers that represents the seven main beaches and one that represents Florianópolis itself. They are small packages, made for the purpose of serving as souvenirs and keep alive the memory of the city through the aromas and the illustrations.
The differential of the packages are the overlapping labels, that includes a rotating part, which works as a window to visualize the exclusives illustrations of the principals attractives of the city, reinforcing the concept of postcards and keeping the memory of the places alive in the mind of tourists and citizens.
Besides the packages with a different dynamic, Cheirinhobom had also a brand redesign “The investment in this new phase is the gold, a color that remains the sophistication, the elegance, the sun, the summer and the beach” says Lucas Baldissera, main director of ENTRE Gestão & Design.
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