Hamburguers with signature: Juninho is a gas station chain which focus on good and special service to assist the clients who drive through the highways of the region. Juninho has over 30 gas stations in Parana and Santa Catarina, and is planning to make this number grow. In order to offer the travelers a practical and cozy environment, the chain is opening a snack house specialized in hamburgers in some of its branches.
For the naming project, we created proposals which were not restricted and  that could also keep its meaning, in case of a future expansion of the franchise to any other area, wether it might be urban or along the highway. The chosen name had a great acceptance and transmits originality through the signature of a specialist: Hamburgero.
Hamburguero is a name that brings handmade appeal and something done by a specialist, the brand design could not be different. With an exclusive handwritten typography, the relationship with a chef's signature is evident. For the brand were still weveloped other materials: The menu, the environment and the spread through outdoors
on the road.
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